Welcome to Godbey Care, LLC. Godbey Care is privately owned by Dr. Sherri R. Godbey who has been providing comprehensive care to families for over 14 years.  Dr. Godbey and her staff create an atmosphere where all patients feel welcome.  You will receive personal, professional, and confidential care from an experienced physician. We welcome patients 13 years and up.

Some of our services include: Adolescent & Primary Care, Diabetes, Hypertension, Women’s Health, Geriatrics, Immunizations, Men's Health, and General Examinations. For a more complete listing of our services, please visit the "Services” page.   

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best medical care for patients through thoughtful listening and mutual respect, while applying current, evidence-based medical knowledge and expertise using a team-work approach with consideration of patients' individual strengths, values, and goals.

I promote enlightened health education and self-care skills in a supportive, caring, and patient-centered environment.

My goal is for patients to feel recognized, heard, and valued as people, not as health conditions, medical cases, or as filled appointment slots on the office calendar.


Godbey Care, LLC
Sherri R. Godbey

3525 Prytania Street,

Suite 430

New Orleans, LA 70115
Tel: (504) 304-6572
Fax: (504) 304-6574

For patients who have registered at the office, please go to the Patient Portal link at https://6557.portal.athenahealth.com